Monday, 23 February 2009


My initial flurry of posts has abated a bit, and there are two main reasons:

1. I now try to post more regularly on my other blog, but writing posts there takes more time, as it's more research-based.  Basically it involves some programming, testing it out, describing the code, and so on.  Slower, but supposedly higher quality.  And somebody submitted my most recent posting to reddit, which nicely links us to

2. I discovered reddit, which is a bit like social bookmarking site (see delicious): people submit links, in different channels/categories.  You can comment on it, too.  And, here is the good bit, you can vote something up or down–instant peer review.  Of course, if you look at the programming channel and your peers are spotty teenagers who don't appreciate the intricacies of functional programming, you lose out.  Or if you look at politics and everybody else has a different view of the world than you do.  But it's also fun to read what other people think about a site, and you get to read some insightful websites (mainly blogs).

The upshot of this is that I've been doing a lot more reading in the past few days, and I even set up my own reddit channel, about a subject I'm interested in.  I already have 7 other people who subscribed to it...


  1. Not seen Reddit before - it gives a fair picture of people's online obsessions, doesn't it!

    Which is your reddit channel, OL?

  2. I'd heard of reddit, but had never looked at it. Now I have, and I'm bewildered? Have you any advice about where to start with it, OL?

  3. It depends. I have subscribed to 'programming' and 'erlang' and 'linguistics', but I doubt that you would find them interesting...