Thursday, 29 October 2009


I am currently thinking about applying for a BU Teaching Fellowship. As part of the evidence of engaging with the subject I thought I'd list this blog as an example for using modern technology to foster discussion and dissemination of ideas in an educational context, etc.

However, it then occurred to me that I might not want to list the URL of this blog in an official application... I have chosen the URL on the spur of a moment during the Web 2.0 in Learning and Teaching course, and it seemed fine for an ephemeral thing to play around with. I didn't really expect that it would develop the way it did...

So, I have just exported this blog (in other words, downloaded all the posts into a file on my computer) and then imported it again into a new blog at a new URL: I feel happier putting this address into the application!

I am, however, not sure how to continue, whether I maintain both blogs, or continue using this one, with occasional synchronisations with the new one? Time will tell.


  1. Go for it, Oliver! Just for reference, can you say any more about how you exported the blog? I'm not really happy about the URL for my own, but don't want to abandon all my own posts.

    Do you have to have a project for the application? I assume if you do, it will be based on developing your use of Web 2 resources.

  2. Exporting is very easy: sign in, go to 'settings', and you've got import/export at the top near 'blog tools'. Couldn't be easier. You export, create the new blog, go to the new blog's settings, and 'import'.

    Yes, I think there'll have to be a project: I'm going for 'planning the new BA Language programme', which looks like a major headache.