Tuesday, 17 March 2009

More podcasting

After listening to Tom's podcast in the presentation session of the Web 2.0 course it suddenly dawned on me my my podcasts sound a bit dull: no reverb! It's like one bloke sitting at his desk, talking quietly into a microphone. Well, too close to reality that is... Now I restarted Garageband, and re-did the voice track on my previous podcast, in order to give it more depth. Some reverb, more clarity, a bit lower, basically to give more body to the voice.

Very easy to do, but I might have overdone it. Judge for yourselves:

Same content, different voice. More authority?

1 comment:

  1. ah, you spotted the ambience adjustment! garageband also lets you normalise volume throughout, which worked really well. The snazzy intro was all done by animoto, btw: www.animoto.com. Took me exactly 2 minutes. Recommended...

    I made it in imovie, and found that syncing slides to a soundtrack is really difficult: you have to type in the number of seconds you want any slide to run for. In the end I had to write a little spreadsheet, for goodness sake, to handle the minutes/seconds conversions: sums are not my strong point.