Wednesday, 18 March 2009


I still find it hard to see any possible use for Twitter in a work situation. At yesterday's presentation I learned that it can be used to keep in touch with year abroad students, which is an interesting idea I hadn't thought about.

While searching for any interesting people to follow on twitter, however, I came across another use: replacing rss for more transient announcements. The University has a twitter stream which has frequent updates with news and events, eg lectures. Some newspapers do the same with news snippets. So I guess I might be using it to receive, rather than send out stuff myself. Though it is quite fun to post things yourself occasionally. For example, every day I post how many links I have in my current chain (see Don't break the chain!). Just the right degree of public pressure to force me to keep it up.

And who knows, perhaps some other opportunities for using it will turn up in the future. All we can do is try and learn and wait.


  1. Once more as a result of your blog post, I've changed what I'm doing - I also haven't been able to see a work use, but after Tina's presentation and looking at the Uni's Twitterstream, I've changed my username to reflect the OLiA group rather than my own individual profile (which might be confusing for those who follow me, but hey - I'll tweet and I'm sure they'll keep up).

    Don't stop posting your chain - I will get to it and your example is inspiring!

  2. OL, thank you for posting about this. I just looked at the univesity's Twitter stream and saw that someone whose work I'm really interested in -- she's in the area of feminism and postmodernism -- was at the university earlier this week to give a talk. Did I know about this in time to go along? What do you think?!

    Next time, thanks to you, I should know. (Providing I keep Twittering, of course!)