Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Podcast Podcast

Another podcast, this time about the use of podcasting in teaching:

This was a lot faster to do. I basically planned the whole lot, and then turned it into a presentation with Keynote. I recorded the voice in Audacity, cut out some pauses and speech errors, and then exported that as an mp3 file. Fired up GarageBand, created a podcast project, drag'n'dropped the mp3 file, exported the slides as images, put them into the podcast-artwork track, and created a podcast from that.

No nice transitions, though, as it's basically a slideshow only. And the aspect ratio of the images is all wrong, which is why they're a bit cut-off. Need to think about that next time I try. Presumably the images need to have a certain size (320x266 pixels), which I need to make sure I use when exporting them. Oh well, one always learns more...

Using Garageband I also have the option of creating a video podcast, but still images and videos don't mix. That is one situation where iMovie is better, as it automatically converts still images into (static) film clips.


  1. You obviously have a future as a podcast star!

    Are you going to add this podcast to the Ladybird mindmap?

  2. Done. I put it in as an attachment, not sure if that works.

  3. I agree - this is a real achievement, well done!